Investment project for Keuruu RDI center for Electric Commercial Vehicles

Investment project is part of RDI center for Electric Commercial Vehicles in Keuruu project. This investment project is for establishing of IoT -environment for smart applications and data acquisition. Investment project concerns also a programming environment and physical energy storage.

RDI center for Electric Commercial Vehicles in Keuruu combines previous competences of traditional heavy duty commercial vehicles and applied research of electric commercial vehicles. Project will use the former premises and infrastructure of the Finnish defence forces in Keuruu. RDI center will create a new network between SMEs, research and educational institutes, public sector and international actors. This network will operate as an efficient research, development and innovation environment.RDI center will enable and boost RDI-efforts of SMEs in Keuruu area. SMEs will have new possibilities to innovate and realize their innovations via RDI center’s resources and network. Furthermore, SMEs can even test their new products in reality.

RDI center will utilize the power of digitalisation, real time data transfer and artificial intelligence to create new tools to boost zero emission traffic and logistics. RDI center can be used also as testing and learning environment.This project will define a smart electric logistics consept, which will enable companies and public sector stakeholders to plan their use of electric commercial vehicles in an optimized and scalable way, including the design of the vehicle and charging profile. This consept can and will be used internationally.This project includes an investment project as a separate application, which will consist of the needed software and hardware for the RDI center.